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If the media had bothered to publicize the fact that Rodney King had two partners with him who didn't get beaten by police that fateful night because they obeyed orders to stay on the ground rather than repeatedly getting up and attacking them like King did, the Los Angeles riots of 1992 would likely have never happened and 55 lives would have been spared.

If the media had been honest about the fact that Trayvon Martin was not the cherubic prepubescent Hershey's Kiss they depicted him as and was rather a thug-in-training who smashed George Zimmerman's skull into the ground, a rash of violent attacks in his name would probably have never occurred.

If the media had not constructed a howlingly fake “hands up, don't shoot” narrative about Michael Brown and instead had focused on the fact that he robbed a convenience store moments before his encounter with a white cop and then attempted to steal the cop's gun, then the riots in Ferguson, MO, would likely have never happened and the savagely innumerate and frequently violent hate group Black Lives Matter would never have been hatched.

If nearly the entire establishment media didn't pose with a fake veneer of objectivity rather than admit they were actively colluding with the Clinton campaign, people might actually trust the media.

But the leftist media–because it is leftist rather than because it is the media–exists frozen in a state of perpetual nonreality.