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The UK reaction to Trump: Wow!

If I gave you a blow-by-blow account, this post would stumble into thousands of words, so here are the highlights.

First, when we left Detroit Metro, it just started to look like Trump could pull it off. Florida had apparently gone Trump, and it looked like Michigan and even Wisconsin were leaning Trump. I couldn't believe it would happen, but it looked like it would.

As we neared Heathrow, we heard a stewardess quietly whisper to a passenger, "Trump did." We asked her if the election results were in, and she (very quietly) confirmed the pilot told her Trump had won. She had thought the pilot would make a general announcement, but he didn't. Our suspicion: He didn't want any trouble on the plane.

We were probably the first Americans to arrive in London after the election. People wanted to talk with us about the election and were even more "impressed" to hear that we had actually voted the day before (London is five hours ahead of us).

We were, of course, guarded with our responses, but we quickly discerned that the Trump demographic is pretty much what it is here: Over 30: Trump. Under 30: Horrified. White (and probably minorities who had been there a few generations): Trump. Minorities and less-Anglicized minorities: Horrified. Among the Trump supporters we talked with, they were very strong on Trump.

They see the Trump election as an extension on Brexit, and among those who voted for Brexit, they are jubilant. Most think Le Pen will win next spring in France. The thought process, "We've been told that everything has to be this way: we must be part of the European Union, we must admit Muslims, we must do everything Brussels says, we must do everything the globalists say. But no, Britain and the U.S. have thrown off the yoke of the globalists, why can't we do it here?"

Many think this anti-globalist theme will ripple throughout the EU, causing it to fall apart. They see this as a peaceful revolution in the west.

The mainstream media in the UK, of course, is freaking out. Just like in the United States, they thought all the political fighting was over: The left had won, and now they just needed to stomp out the bigoted vestiges of the neanderthals who wanted to do terrible things like keep men out of women's restrooms and keep their county's traditions and have borders and make their own rules. That, as evidenced by Brexit and Trump, has changed.

It is a watershed moment . . . in the opinion of people in London.

And mine.