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Another must-read from this week: The Cave Man Versus the Borg Queen. Excerpt:

Trump knows that men can be dogs because he has for decades been one. He knows that businessmen will take whatever advantage the law allows them because he has done so. He's aware that foreign relations rest on strength and self-assertion, not happy talk and children's scrawls of rainbow-pooping unicorns. He's the sin-hammered face we see in the mirror each day, when we peer through our own deceptions and make an examination of conscience. And it isn't pretty. We'd rather look at some shiny, man-made idol.
Hillary Clinton is the flawless mechanical goddess of a newborn pagan religion. She's the Witch-Queen of Narnia, dispensing endless boxes of delicious Turkish Delight that makes us so very sleepy. In her dream world, if we can believe it, politicians can take tens of millions of dollars from dictatorships like Saudi Arabia that torture rape victims for the “crime” of adultery, but not be tainted by it. They can be trusted to delete tens of thousands of emails from illegal private servers holding national security secrets, because why would the leaders of our democracy lie to us? Isn't that a cynical, ugly thing to think? It's in our interest to think happy thoughts instead.