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Lets go! The 1st set of brands to be confirmed for the Manchester Rum Festival include @ChairmansUK & Admiral Rodney of St Lucia Distillers!
— Manchester Rum Fest (@McrRumFestival) October 14, 2016

Of the three liquors I drink--vodka, gin, and rum--I'm beginning to think the quality (or type) of rum might make the biggest difference in my mixed drinks.

With vodka, I can't hardly notice the difference between Grey Goose and Sam's Club in mixed drinks. I think the corn, organic vodka gives me less of a hangover, but taste-wise, I don't notice much.

With gin, I can taste a difference between English gins (heavy on the juniper) and "western" gins, which feature orange and other flavors, but between like-kind gins? Not much. More taste difference than vodka, but not much.

But rum? Wow, I'm really noticing a difference. Because we were supposed to get a frost last night, I wanted to drink Mojitos with fresh mint from my garden (in case the frost damaged the mint). I used an off-brand rum, and man, it wasn't very good at all. The rum taste was really strong (kinda like the way low-quality fish tastes a lot like "fish"). The Mojito is better with Bacardi, but it is best with a high-quality rum (which I used up over a month ago and have not replenished because I have a lot of old Bacardi to use up).