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You can legally kill as many Bigfoots as you want in Texas - 10 Bizarre Legal Actions Regarding Mythical Creatures
— Listverse (@listverse) August 17, 2016

"In Texas it is perfectly legal to kill Bigfoot. It started with an inquiry to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, asking about the legalities of capturing or killing Bigfoot. Their response, written by L. David Sinclair, states that as far as Texas was concerned there are no limits on their killing or capture. Bigfoot's official status is as a non-protected animal, and that means that he can be hunted anywhere (with consent from a landowner if necessary) and during any season. There are also no limits on how many Bigfoots you can take home, either.Bigfoot is considered an exotic, non-indigenous animal to Texas–in other words, he is an invasive species. Texas has considerable problems with invasive species, like feral hogs, and the resulting laws state that you can pretty much kill as many of them as often as you like."