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Brews You Can Use: Bullets

***That mojito I drank last Friday night during the opening ceremonies was killer: freshly-squeezed lime juice, simple syrup, muddled mint leaves (plucked fresh from my garden) white rum, and club soda. I really, really liked it.

***Last night, I tried the lazy man's mojito: Sprite, muddled mint leaves, and white rum. It was terrible.

***Fresh mint is great. Plant it once; it spreads like a weed. You'll have plenty for years to come. Easy to control: hack down the unwanted mint with a diamond hoe. It stays down.

***Am I the only one growing tired of the craft beer euphoria? I realize my inability to drink beer ("your vagina problems," according to my guy friends) hardly makes me an objective critic of beer news, but it just seems the whole thing has grown tiresome. Kinda like Facebook: Yeah, it's here, it's cool, it's not leaving and that's good. But I simply don't want to talk about it any more.

***Of course, I will blog about it occasionally. Craft beers are still coming up with the best product names ("Beard of Zeus"), and come the holidays, there are normally at least a few BYCU-worthy stories out there.

***A mojito discovery! Women's badminton rocks! Far better than the men's. You don't often hear me tout women's sports, but wow, the Belgium v. US women's match last night was great viewing . . . at least after six shots of rum.

Beard of Zeus