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The Weekend Eudemon ”“ Friday

The Prospect of Death Wonderfully Focuses the Mind
From the New York Daily News: "Czech supermodel Petra Nemcova says the tsunami that crumpled her body and killed her boyfriend has transformed her life - and she may turn her back on modeling forever. 'I'm different now, with a completely different view of the world,' Nemcova, 25, told a Czech newspaper this week in her first interview since leaving the hospital last month. After surviving the tsunami by clinging to a tree for eight hours, she said she no longer cares about her old life of fashion and fame."

The Turgid Twentieth Century
An excerpt from the always-clever John Zmirak's forthcoming book, The Bad Catholic's Guide for Good Living: "Meanwhile, over in the secular world, people have adopted the sexual ideology of the Marquis de Sade–who reasserted the Roman aristocrat's privilege of unlimited sexual expression, without regard to partner or progeny. In the early 20th century, this old creed gained respectability through the likes of Havelock Ellis and Margaret Sanger, and a birth control movement which promised to eugenically produce 'more children from the fit, and fewer from the unfit.' The work of the energetic pervert Alfred Kinsey moved things along, breaking down every barrier of modesty (and faking statistics) to 'prove' that inside each American lurked a secret de Sade, who hungered to try every imaginable variation of sexual act–if only a prudish society would let him. The result, today, is that we rear children who mature sexually at the age of 10 or 11, and psychologically at 40, who are ready to rut in junior high, but are emotionally retarded, unable to contract enduring marriages, unwilling to procreate." Click here for full excerpt (is that some sort of oxymoron?)