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Crime and Politics

Steve Sailer is always worth reading. In his most-recent piece, he recounts the rise, fall, and rise of crime in New York City . . . pointing out that it consistently rises with liberal mayors:

During New York's 1946”“58 Yogi Berra Golden Age, the city never had a year with even one murder per day.
With the civil rights revolution, however, the number of homicides started to take off. In 1961, the New York death toll jumped to 483, then to 634 in 1965.
During the mayoral terms of the liberal Republican social justice warrior John Lindsay (1966”“73), the body count soared to 986 in 1968. As the WASP mayor fought for the rights of blacks and Puerto Ricans against the largely Irish NYPD, the cops retreated to the doughnut shop.
It would be nice if policemen didn't tend to be divas who sulk and slack off when political leaders demonize cops as racist murderers and encourage black rage, but that's the way they are.
So, in 1972, 1,691 people were murdered in New York, 5.6 times the 304 killed in 1957, turning what had been the world's greatest city into the set of Taxi Driver.