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Whoa! Hot dog! The preliminary reports out of Britain were wrong!!! It's a major step away from globalization. I honestly never thought it would happen. Even if, I figured, British voters overcame the elites' marketing campaign and mustered the votes, the elites would rig the final vote, but no. I was wrong. Britain took its country back, and I'm mightily stoked. Just as the rise of Trump and Sanders gave me hope that my blanket pessimism about America's future is wrong, this has given me hope that my blanket pessimism about the West might be wrong.

I might, just might, celebrate with a drink tonight. The problem is, I drank pretty much all week, being on vacation on all. I need to dry out my liver a bit.

But if I were going to drink, I think I'd drink the Muddler. This is a drink I learned at the feet of the Master just two weeks ago and it has proven wildly popular with every person I've given it to, from my two-year-old niece to my mother-in-law. It's perfect for large gatherings when you simply don't have the resources to mix elaborate drinks.

The ingredients: vodka, Sprite, and blueberries.

The mix: fill glass with ice (cubes, chunks). Add vodka. Top off with Sprite. Dump in muddled blueberries.

Although I haven't measured precisely, I'm guessing it's a 3-to-1 ratio of Sprite-to-vodka. To muddle the blueberries, you just put a dozen or so into a glass and rough them up with a spoon or fork, then dump them into the drink.

I've been using fresh blueberries, but I think it'd be better to use frozen (I have a message into the Master, asking him which one he uses). I think the frozen blueberries would give you more blueberry "run off" juice, which gives the Muddler a pleasant dark pink/light purple look.

It's a great drink. The blueberry, though scarcely noticeable by taste, seems to alter the overall drink taste, so it doesn't taste at all like mere vodka and Sprite. At a future date, I think I'll experiment by using my own sweet-sour mix (freshly-squeezed lemons/limes and simple syrup) and soda water. I've found that, no matter what the drink, it gets a little better if I use the fresh ingredients.