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Can we make one thing clear? Libertarianism does not deny original sin. I was listening to a Tom Woods podcast last weekend, and he remarked that, following an online debate between a libertarian Christian and traditional Christian, the comments box filled up with traditional Christians who think libertarianism doesn't account for original sin. That's false. The Christian libertarian believes in original sin (big time). That's why we don't want power concentrated into the hands of a few (originally-sin) stained individuals. Political power, by its nature, tends toward concentration. Economic power, on the other hand, by its nature is widespread: a person accumulates wealth by giving (selling to) people things they want, which normally means he is making other people wealthier (in the sense that they are getting the things they want in life). If you hear any Christian claim that libertarians discount original sin, kindly explain to him that it's really just the opposite.