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Dang it! I'm kicking myself. I had a pretty good BYCU planned, then got so wrapped up in gardening and drinking last night, I forgot to blog.

So I'm going to save it. For today, I'm merely going to mention the Moscow Mule I tried last night. Instead of ginger beer, I used the Cherry Republic's cherry ginger beer. The counter worker at the store (pictured below) said people had been raving about how good this ginger beer works for Moscow Mules, so I bought four bottles and tried it.

Those people are right. It makes a wicked Moscow Mule, with a mule-like kick. It is strong, though. Ginger burns the back of my throat a little in general. Vodka mixed with this particular ginger beer makes you really feel the bern, though the effect subsides after you've drank enough.

You can order their ginger "bear" on line at the link above, if you're curious to try it. I don't know how widely-available it is.

Cherry Republic