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So I get back from Traverse City late yesterday afternoon, go to Mass, get dinner, and doze off on the family room floor. A local high school game of assassin wakes me at around 11:00, with a bunch of excited teenage kids coming through the house. A friend, in the meantime, had texted me, asking if I was ready for the hard frost that was coming. I had hauled in my eight tomato containers, but otherwise, I hadn't done a thing (thinking we were due for, at most, a light frost), so I went out, flashlight in hand, and covered by strawberries the best I could and harvested two dozen spears of asparagus, most of them really thick.

asparagus 2016

BTW: I really enjoy getting woken up by a bunch of teenage kids in my house, having fun. I mean that seriously. It's the only thing, in fact, that makes me smile when I get woken up unexpectedly.