Catholic Vote has done a pretty good job of capturing my opinion of the current situation. I bold the parts I particularly agree with:
Catholics of good will disagree about Trump. On the one hand he has pledged to nominate a qualified replacement for the Scalia vacancy. He has pledged to replace Obamacare and restore American jobs. Some even believe his brash style will help break the stranglehold of the “Establishment” on Washington D.C.
We continue to have our doubts. Until recently Trump was publicly pro-abortion and a major financier of the enemies of the Church. His character and moral judgement remain suspect. He denigrates and ridicules his opponents, and has no foundational principles from which he proposes to govern. In our opinion, Donald Trump is a big roll of the dice that could backfire, and potentially have disastrous consequences on the House, the Senate, and on our politics more generally.
Then there is Hillary Clinton. Feeling the pressure from her left-wing base, Hillary will be hostile to nearly everything we believe in -- from the sanctity of life to religious liberty. She is certain to tip the Supreme Court decidedly to the left. The American family will have no bigger enemy than a President Hillary Clinton and the wreckage she will impose on us from Washington D.C. Hillary Clinton must be opposed by every conscientious Catholic voter. . . .
As much as we oppose Clinton, Trump remains problematic in too many ways to receive our endorsement. With a suspect record, no clear guiding principles, and a history of unpredictability, all we can do for now is take him at his word and hope for the best.
Eric Scheske

Eric Scheske