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What the hell has Europe done to itself?

"On the heels of State Department spokesman John Kirby's renewed proclamation that "US is committed to admitting more refugees," we thought this brief clip from France's picturesque Mantes La Jolie (in the western suburbs of Paris) - Europe's largest "ghetto" - would be useful..." Link.

I believe the U.S. (with its Western allies' support) and its incessant war-making and bomb-dropping are responsible for the refugees, but does that mean we have to destroy European culture in compensation? I know the refugees are sad charity cases, but do we have to surrender western civilization to adherents of a religion that has been violent toward western civilization from the very beginning and that has never stopped hating the West?

The answer is "no." Make reparations, stop the bombing, do whatever is just. But don't commit suicide. Be Peter, not Judas.