Fr. Schall, discussing a topic I have long found confusing, soothing, and potentially sinister, all at the same time: social justice.

Is Social Justice a Right? https://t.co/K0yuPxZNAl
— The Daily Eudemon (@TheDailyEudemon) March 26, 2016


The principal agent for dealing with poverty is not some foreign aid or rearrangement of laws or state structure; it is a recognition of the capacity of individuals, if given a chance, to deal with problems themselves in free concert with others.
There is an almost diabolical temptation in the souls of many politicians, clerics, and academics to want to solve someone else's problems. Instead of thinking what people themselves can do to solve their own problems, the temptation is to think of ways to do it for them. This latter approach almost always ends up in emptying society of that individual and personal vitality that alone is able to vivify a society. Neither individualism nor socialism, or their variants, can show the record that a personalist-based approach to social justice as a virtue can achieve.
Eric Scheske

Eric Scheske