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Mead Me

They say mead is making a comeback. If so, it'd be the comeback of the millennia.

What is mead? Basically, honey wine. A drink made of water, honey, malt, and yeast. It pre-dates beer and grape wine, and it might be the oldest alcoholic drink known to us, with the exception of the alcohol that early hard-core alkies slurped from the bottom of grain storage bins after heavy rains. The Norse Gods drank Mead, as did Zeus. The nectar he drank while expostulating on those poor humans's condition was a primitive brown mead, at least according to Robert Graves's The Greek Myths.

So tonight, sit back and beckon Hebe to bring you some mead. Your date will be most impressed. (“Hebe,” by the way, is Hera's daughter, the cupbearer of the gods. Pronounced “Heebee.” Please don't contact the Anti-Defamation League.)

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