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Vulgar but Funny and On

Yet more about Chris Rock and tonight's Academy Awards. This time, from Slate Magazine:

"Rock may speak the irreverent language of blue comedy, but more often than not, his ideas are red-state red.

"Take, for instance, the opening numbers in Bigger & Blacker, the HBO special Rock did in 1999. He begins with a discussion of the Columbine shootings, then recent, dismissing attempts to examine the shooters' psychology. 'What ever happened to crazy?' he demands. He next turns to gun control, which he's against, and single mothers, whom he also doesn't like. 'If a kid calls his grandma 'mama' and his mama 'Pam,' he's going to jail,' Rock explains. To all the women who leave their kids at home so they can pop some bubbly at the club, Rock has this advice: 'Go take care of those kids before they rob me in 10 years.'"