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B.T.K. Serial Murderer

Well, they caught the B.T.K. murderer in Wichita, Kansas. The initials stand for his mode of operation: bind, torture, kill. He's Dennis Rader, a 59-year-old municipal employee.

It turns out he was an active member and President of his congregation at Christ Lutheran Church.

We looked up their website. Christ Lutheran Church is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). We're glad it's not a member of the Wisconsin or Missouri Synod Lutheran churches. Both of those synods are strict in their beliefs and eschew the "anything goes" Christianity found in many old-line Protestant churches. The press would've had a field day if Rader was a member of the Wisconsin or Missouri Synods. The ELCA, on the other hand, is mainstream and embraces various non-traditional beliefs and practices at odds with what C.S. Lewis would have described as "mere Christianity." (Important Note: We're not saying Rader's membership in a left-leaning church had anything to do with his serial murders; we're just somewhat relieved that the left-leaning parts of the press won't have the opportunity to make that type of ridiculous assertion against a traditional church.)

For anyone curious: Here's a message from the Christ Lutheran Church's minister. We're strictly posting it for informational purposes. We wouldn't have had anything better to say ourselves. Tough situation:

Dennis is a member of Christ Lutheran Church. He has held leadership positions here at Christ Lutheran over the course of approximately 30 years as a member. We are all concerned for Dennis Rader and his family. We lift up our prayers in support of all of them. The members of Christ Lutheran Church are in a state of shock and bewilderment about the turn of events that have unfolded this week. We lift up our prayers, support and compassion for the victims and family members involved with the BTK murders. We ask for care and compassion of the Wichita community as this congregation deals with this tragic and difficult situation.
Michael G. Clark, Pastor