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Can You Fit 37,000,000 Into a Monster Truck Show?

Photo by James Lee / Unsplash

Whenever I see a clear vehicular mark of blue collar-dom (say, a big-wheeled pick-up that requires a stepladder to access its cab or a sticker of a urinating cartoon character) dragging a trailer with a jet ski or some other recreational contraption, I'm reminded of the words of that pioneer of Progressive thought, the Marquis de Condorcet, who prophesied that civilization would have 37,000,000 poets like Homer and 37,000,000 philosophers like Newton when the common man's resources were plentiful and his work time limited. Whatta laugher.

Now, to Condorcet's credit, he had never heard of jet skis, or for that matter any of the other banalities people use to escape the pressure of existence, like snow mobiling, habitual sex, or Arena Football, but his prophecy was flawed in its very premises and shuttled wildly out of control from there.