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For a long while, our culture tended to bleed manliness into femininity. Men were told that they should be sensitive and artsy, that it's acceptable to cry, that they should undertake traditionally female roles.

The response?

Some went for it. Others rebelled, and set-up the antithesis: a pig that treats women like dirt, wouldn't cry if their mother died, considers only sports and money-making as worthwhile pursuits, is proud about the amount of TV he watches, and views all literature and poetry as fag fare unless it's dirty.

The Man's Show archetype, in other words.

The media has embraced both, with Pig Man, at this moment, beating Chick Man. Both, however, are still broadly embraced by different segments of our culture.

Some men embrace facets of each, like professional athletes who tout the virtues of skin care. This creature (of media and mass marketing) is called "Metro Man," which is a nice way of calling him an Androgyne. Sometimes he's an Androgyne with big muscles, but muscles don't take away the feminine any better than cologne takes away the smell of unwashed arm pits. A person with big breasts and a big penis is, after all, still a hermaphrodite, albeit in rather pronounced ways. A guy who primps his hair and fusses about clothes is still woman-like, regardless of any manly characteristics he may possess.