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Thanks, GM

While perusing our most-recent issue of Gilbert Magazine, we found interesting news that had escaped our roaming mouse. Here are two items:

"Chris Cranmer, 24, a non-commissioned officer in the Royal Navy, has become the first registered Satanist in the British armed forces. The designation gives him permission to perform satanic rituals aboard his ship and have a funeral carried out by the Church of Satan if he's killed in action. 'From a military perspective, I believe in vengeance,' Cranmer told the Daily Telegraph. 'I don't consider Satan to be an intelligently external force in my life; instead I consider it an empowering internal force.'"

"A company called Cornfield Electronics has developed a keychain fob that lets you turn off most TVs, whether they are in your home, the pub or even the airport. It is a universal remote control, with the only necessary button: the "off" switch. Inventor Mitch Altman, 47, got the idea when he was with friends at a restaurant and found everyone glued to the TV instead of talking. How have people responded to this product? Within two days of posting it on his website,, the company was sold out."