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The Big Sex

Hollywood has always been a left-leaning town, but now it's combined with a lot of violence and sex. A new book might offer additional insight into the unsavory glamour. The New Logic of Money and Power in Hollywood by Edward Jay Epstein. Here's a link to a Washington Post review of the book.

Excerpt from the review:

The old Big Seven (MGM, RKO, Paramount, Columbia, Fox, Universal and Warner Bros) “have been replaced by the new Big Six: Time Warner, Viacom, Fox, Sony, NBC Universal and Disney, 'global entertainment companies . . . that collude and cooperate at different levels to dominate filmed entertainment.' Movies earn a very small percentage of their total revenue, but are 'their principal source of prestige and satisfaction in Hollywood.'

The grasp of the Big Six is astonishing. They 'own all six broadcast networks in America,' as well as '64 cable networks whose reach accounts for most of the remainder of the prime-time television audience,' a combination that enables them to 'control over 96 percent of the programs that carry commercial advertising during prime time.'"