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MD and CA

The Washington Post opens a story this morning with an impartial paragraph (cough, snicker) about Maryland's attempt to fund stem cell research:

“John L. Kellermann III has had Parkinson's disease for 13 years, a condition so debilitating that it forces him to crawl to the bathroom some nights. Yesterday, he urged Maryland lawmakers to pass a $25 million annual initiative to fund embryonic stem cell research that might one day provide a cure for his suffering and that caused by dozens of other diseases.”

The two-page article doesn't mention ethical forms of stem cell research. The article also makes it clear that Maryland is interested in pursuing this avenue because it could make them a leader in that area, which would boost its economy. So we come back to the old cliche: It's all about money.

For those unaware of the validity (and possible superiority) of ethical forms of stem cell research, we recommend this opinion piece from last month's Touchstone.