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First SI, Now the NFL?

"Bowing to pressure from gay-rights advocates, the NFL Shop will now allow buyers of personalized jerseys to have the word "GAY" sewn onto the back of their shirt. A homosexual-news syndicate reported today that the league claimed it wasn't caving in to political correctness:

"'This decision seems to have less to do with any sexual orientation statement by the league and more with the fact that there is a player in the league with the last name Gay, New England Patriots rookie defensive back Randall Gay. Randall is the first Gay in the NFL since Ben Gay played for the Cleveland Browns in 2001. For example, the spokesman said there was no discussion in removing 'Lesbian' or other words from the list of banned words and he explained the league's thinking: 'The idea behind personalized jerseys is for a fan to put his or her name on the back or possibly a nickname,' the [NFL] spokesman said. It is not designed for political, social or other types of statements."

Courtesy of The Dawn Patrol.

A few years ago, Eric Scheske started keeping a list of all the pro-homosexual comments he heard or read in the sports media. There was this one, for instance, on Sunday morning ESPN Radio: Homosexuality is the "last frontier. If Tiger Woods came out of the closet, in thirty years, don't you think he would be like Jackie Robinson?" Scheske also tracked a few of Rick Reilly's many gay agenda comments at SI, and when a former Green Bay Packers lineman came out of the closet in late 2002, he noted that gushed four pro-homosexual stories; it also featured an on-line poll that asked whether it makes a difference to you that a pro football player is gay. ESPN, of course, didn't have the ingenuousness to make the question more precise. Asking, for instance: Would you want your son to hold a gay football player as a role model?

It's probably just an instance of the media elite infiltrating another area of our lives, not content to let any segment of society rest, this time attacking one of the last bastions of manliness.