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K-8 or Sex Bait

There's strong evidence that the entire middle school experiment (which started in the 1950s) has been a total bust. K-8 schools are springing up all over the place in the public school sector, including in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Oklahoma City.

The following is just anecdotal evidence in support of the K-8 tradition, but given that the first and third occurred in the past two days and the second one just four weeks ago, it's somewhat revealing. We have little doubt that during the past month there's been other criminal sexual activity occurring in our country's middle schools. We'll start watching for such stories and post them here as they occur. Consider it a new TWE theme.

1. In this story, two Houston middle school students were busted for sexual activity in a classroom: LINK.

2. In this story, a substitute teacher was fired for recklessly allowing her camera cell phone to be passed around a middle school class room. It contained pictures of her having sex: LINK.

3. And we can't locate it now, but we saw earlier today that a 37-year-old female teacher has been arrested for having sex with three middle school students. You'll just have to take our word for it. If you doubt us, we'll set up a bet through Paypal and make it worth our while to locate it. (Don't take offense; it's the pre-happy hour beers talkin'.)
UPDATE: HA! We found it. One correction: She had sex with four (not three) students.