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Public Service Safety Announcement

For those in red states who may have missed it, there's a feud going on between rappers 50 Cent and The Game (those are the individuals' names, in case you're struggling). If you were planning on attending a rap concert, you may want to hold off. Fortunately, the Reverend Sharpton is doing something about it. LINK

“A member of The Game's entourage, Kevin Reed, 23, of Compton, Calif., was shot in the buttocks after 50 Cent bad-mouthed The Game during an on-air interview at the radio station.

“Bad blood between 50 Cent and The Game continued to boil over the weekend when The Game challenged his former mentor to "Come get me, you little bitch!" during a concert in Long Beach, Calif.

“Last night, 50 Cent was escorted through LaGuardia Airport by Port Authority cops 'for his own protection' when he arrived on a plane from Detroit about 8 p.m., a Port Authority spokesman said."