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Couldn't Resist

We typically don't cut-and-paste stories simply for the oddity of them, but this one has a very high Bizarre-to-Word Ratio. From News of the Weird, it has everything: drinking, the KKK, violence . . .

"A jury in Nacogdoches, Tex., convicted Jerry Don Hartless in January of killing his former best friend Billy Bob Wallace during a group drinking bout one night along the Angelina River. According to testimony, Hartless believed that Wallace had stolen his boat motor but couldn't prove it. Then, that night, the group discussed a recent Jerry Springer show featuring a black man claiming to be a member of the Ku Klux Klan, and the alcohol-fueled Hartless insinuated that Wallace's girlfriend, who was there, craved sex with black men. (All the drinking group were white.) When Wallace objected, Hartless shot him. A witness to the shooting was Wallace's adult son, Wild Bill Wallace (which is his actual birth name)."