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Rabbits Endorse Gay Marriage!

Have you heard about the PBS kids TV show, “Postcards from Buster”? In this 40-episode series, a rabbit named “Buster” and his dad, an airplane pilot, fly around America visiting real kids and learning about their regions. One show is called “Sugartime.” In this episode, “Buster,” says the Washington Post, “visits kids in Vermont. He learns about making maple sugar, milking cows, buying cheese. He shares a Jewish Shabbat meal. But what makes the show so scary for some adults is that some of the kids on the show live with two moms.”

The Post, of course, is disgusted that people objected to the episode. Education Secretary Margaret Spellings wrote to PBS last month, asking for a return of $160,000.00 that the Education Department provided (we're guessing the money helped underwrite the Buster series or that particular show; the Post writer is fulminating so hard that he forgets to explain).

Many PBS stations declined to show it, including the outlet in DC. In response, over 260 Presbyterians and their children attended a private screening on DVD. The Presbyterians belong to the “More Light [Lite?] Presbyterian” congregation, a group that dissents from the official ban on ordaining gay church officers.

Here's the full story.