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Clashing Gods

Speaking of George (two posts below), he's back in the news, in the “Big Brother” context (does anyone remember Orwell for anything else these days?). This time, the dispute deals with strapping radio frequency badges on students in order to keep count of them. Some parents got mad; some people say it's the wave of the future. Here's the story, if you care to read it.

We, quite frankly, immensely enjoy this ongoing clash between the two newest societal gods, Privacy and Technology. Privacy, of course, rode the penumbra train to the pantheon in the Griswold and Roe decisions. Technology reached the pantheon in a more reputable manner: popular demand and individual inventiveness. Who will win? It's hard to say. The rest of today's gods–Free Speech, Individualism, License–are too busy indulging themselves to intervene, but for us mere mortals, watching the action is a good spectator sport.