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Oh, Canada!

The troublous trolley trundles forward in Canada. In furtherance of its same-sex marriage law, Ontario has a new bill that will rid all its statutes of non-gender-neutral references. Attorney General Michael Bryant stated, on introducing the bill, "Currently, the statutes offend the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.”

* * *

“A perusal of the bill shows substitutions for previously used spousal terms in numerous places throughout 73 Ontario Statutes as follows:

“Widows”, widowers” replaced by “surviving spouses”
“A person of the opposite sex” replaced by “a person”
“Wives, husbands” replaced by “spouses”
“Two persons of the opposite sex” replaced by “two persons”
“The wife or husband” replaced by “spouse”
“A husband or wife” replaced by “spouse”
“The husband and wife” replaced by “the spouses”
“A man and a woman” replaced by “two persons”
“Husband and wife” replaced by “spouses”
“Cohabited as man and wife” replaced by “cohabited as a married couple”
“Same-sex partner” replaced by “spouse”