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More TV-B-Gone

The Old Oligarch weighed in on the TV-B-Gone earlier this week:

"I need one of these. I ditched the TV when I went to college and never went back. Once I turned it on again in the summertime, I saw exactly how insipid, leftist, concupiscent, fear-mongering or consumerist 95% of the programming was. During a lent later in college, I ditched the radio, and I've been listening only to digital music ever since.

"Problem is, whenever I'm in a room with a TV on, the damn thing still takes over my brain. I find it extremely hard to carry on a conversation or read a book. Ergo, I would love a TV-B-Gone. Apparently, thousands and thousands of other people feel the same way. And like you're ever going to get permission to use it in a public space. Heh heh."

We've noticed the same thing: the less a person watches, the more he's attracted to it against his will. Conversely, the more a person watches, the more he's able to treat it like background music during a cocktail party. There's good fodder in there, but we're writing on too few hours of sleep to delve into it now.