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Blog Survey

A blog reader survey is up. Based on 30,000 responses, the survey says blog readers tend to make decent money (over 60% make $60,000+ per year; over 40% make $90,000+); they tend to be male (75%) and middle-aged (66% are aged 31-60); and there are significantly more blog-reading Democrats than Republicans (39% v. 27%). The majority of blog readers check out five or more blogs daily.

It's been TWE's goal to appeal to non-bloggers. Although our blog is doing well (we were pleased with our progress in "hits" and "visitors" in February, and we've already passed February's totals this month), we have no idea whether we're pulling more readers into the blogosphere. If you know of a person who is not already in the sphere and is wondering what it's all about, consider forwarding them our URL. We'll try to make you look good.