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The New Pot Heads

Another study crying for a Marshall McLuhan revival:

"The USA's children live in an increasingly heavy stew of media, spending about 6½ hours a day mostly watching TV, using computers and enjoying other electronic activities. And they are spending relatively little time reading or doing homework, a Kaiser Family Foundation survey reported Wednesday.

"Kids watch about the same amount of TV - nearly four hours a day - as they did based on a Kaiser survey five years ago, but they're adding newer technology to the mix, such as downloading music and instant-messaging. When multi-tasking is factored in, children are exposed to 8½ hours of media a day, up about an hour from five years ago.

"A record 68% have TVs in their rooms, and an increasing number own DVD and video-game players, according to the survey of 2,000 children in grades three through 12."