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Conservatives Distrust Authority?

David Greenberg at Slate has written a scathing criticism of Thomas E. Woods' The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History. Essentially, Greenberg is using Woods' book to stab at what he calls “populist conservatism,” a type of conservatism that “exhibit(s) scorn for intellectual authority altogether.” Quite a statement. And what does he cite in support? Here are his examples:

“The wisdom of legal professionals, such as those in the American Bar Association, is now denied, and, since George Bush took office, no longer used by the White House in evaluating candidates for federal judgeships. Mainstream journalism, such as that in the major newspapers and network news shows, is deemed liberal, slanted, and unreliable. The faith-based belief in creationism, enjoying renewed support of late, is accorded equal (or greater) weight as the scientific theory of evolution.”

Powerful examples, those. We were waiting for him to cite populist conservatives' rejection of the Kinsey Institute as a guide on sex and morals. If you want a good example of why folks in red states have very little to discuss with folks in blue states, it's worth a look. LINK