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The Other Performance Enhancer

A reader sends along this message: “If society is opposed to steroids in sports/recreation, then enhanced breasts should be damned as well.”

We're not sure what prompted the letter (maybe the gorilla/breast story from earlier today?), but he has a point. Eric Scheske wrote in a piece for Catholic Exchange last year about the problem with “Distorted Woman”–the make-believe beautiful woman that “graces” magazines, TV, and movies. All those beautiful women we see in the media don't exist; they're plastic and, when that's not good enough, airbrushed. Eric declared in that article:

"I believe women should be allowed to pursue their goals.
"I believe they should be allowed to pursue their goals without compromising their natures.
"I believe their pursuit will be hindered in a society that celebrates Distorted Woman, unless they are willing to undergo the physical madness of Distorted Woman."

The biggest objection to steroids is that they pressure other athletes to use them–and thereby be willing to destroy their liver and other organs in order to "keep up." Doesn't the same thing apply to plastic enhancements to women's bodies? Steroids are more dangerous and illegal, so the analogy isn't fully on point, but there is significant overlap.