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Another Breast Story

A photographer in NYC discovered what we already knew: There's too much sex in our culture, it's become normalized, and we've become desensitized to things that would've brought prison sentences in a more modest era. LINK

“Not even a beautiful woman dancing topless can stop traffic in Times Square.

“Julia Wiedeman, 24, of Brooklyn, found that out yesterday when she stripped off her sweatshirt at the crossroads of the world for an 'art project.'

"'People don't even look,'" marveled photographer Jordan Matter, 38, of Washington Heights, who has shot 40 women topless around New York for his 'Uncovered' project.

“In over 2-1/2 hours in various spots in Times Square, the red-haired beauty endured a few vulgarities and ended up in a few tourists' snapshots. But most people walked right past.

* * *

“When Matter started his project he expected to document the disruption caused by topless women in everyday places - but found just the opposite.”