The un-official start of summer . . . and patchy frost is the word. This really sucks. * * * * * * * But it doesn’t suck as much as my holiday weekend. My plans: Work in the office: Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday night, Monday morning. The one bright side: I plan on drinking Friday and Saturday nights while I work. It’s actually pretty enjoyable. The phone doesn’t ring, I put on some light music while I get things organized, and drink vodka tonics. I can’t do any hardcore billable work while drinking, but I have a mountain of fluff and administrative crud that has been backlogging for a month now. My family will be gone, so I’ll use the opportunity to catch up on everything, from hard projects (in the morning) to fluff administrative projects (evenings). * * * * * * My family is bird watching for the weekend, so I can’t complain about spending my holiday in the office. I’m getting off easy. * * * * * * * Dastardly long hairs: “According to a new report from Restaurant Sciences, which tracks food and beverage sales nationwide, “Pabst Blue Ribbon-swilling hipsters” are the reason why “sub-premium” beer prices have climbed 9.4% in the last seven months in New York City and risen 6.8% on the national level, even though the fancier beer prices have stayed relatively stable.” Link. * * * * * * * Dastardly nerds: “Vulcan Ale was dreamed up by Canada’s Delancey Direct to celebrate the centennial of Vulcan, Alberta, a small Canadian prairie town that has leveraged its name (which it shares with Spock’s home planet) to become a Trekkie tourist mecca.” Link.

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