My son saw these two quotes attributed to Will Ferrell and Ron Artest respectively, “If lesbians don’t like men, why are they attracted to women who look like men?” And: “Why do people keep head-butting my elbow?” * * * * * * * Speaking of Facebook, you might want to give it up. For me, Facebook has grown tiresome, and this writer gives three pretty good reasons why social media sucks in general. “While evidence for Social Media Anxiety Disorder is largely anecdotal at present, a UK study from the fall found that over 50% of social media users evaluated their participation in social networking as having an overall negative effect on their lives.” * * * * * * * Anybody else catch those Catholics Come Home commercials during the bowl games yesterday? To whomever is behind that organization, “Nicely done, fellas.” * * * * * * * “13 Things You Need to Know About The Hobbit.” Pretty good article about the good, yet disappointing, movie. * * * * * * * Dan Bourdreaux continues his exploration of 1950s’ buying power versus today’s buying power, using an old Sears catalog. Entertaining stuff.

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One Response to Wednesday

  1. Frank says:

    Happy New Year! I have been reflecting on the what appears to me to be obvious dilemma shared by our elected representatives (and appointed ones as well) in DC. The fiscal cliff is so scary and so chock full of unforeseen consequences that it is a towering challenge as well as bleak precipice. Interesting combination. Our fellas in DC are newbies in serious fiscal responsibility to say the least. Paying if forward, they have down pat along with making it sound like they are tightfisted overseers with an eye on what is truly important. My point, like the analogy of the best friend doing your brain surgery is that they don’t have the requisite skills or inclination to do the job. They only have opposite abilities, to make it worse. That is their forte. It has depressed me but I vote also and so I share the blame. My voting logic is brief, never vote for an incumbent without overwhelming cause. (I vote for very few incumbents). Makes you want to read the LotR again. I think I will.