Two Things

1. Have you ever heard of the “Holy C”? It’s a phrase used by NPR to refer to “Holy See” in this article yesterday. If you’d clicked on it quickly enough yesterday, you would’ve seen that phrase. It has since been changed, but I don’t care: If a journalist doesn’t know the difference between “Holy C” and “Holy See,” is there a chance, just maybe a smidgeon of a chance, that the reporter isn’t qualified to write about Vatican matters?

2. I grew up about 50 minutes from the Ohio border. I recall the same thing Mitt does in this passage:

Alluding to growing up in nearby Michigan, Mr. Romney said he thought of Toledo as “the neighbor next door.”

He said some of his classmates at the Cranbrook School boarding academy he attended in Bloomfield Hills, Mich., came to Toledo where one could purchase a reduced-alcohol (3.2 percent) beer at a younger age than in Michigan.

“I did not take advantage of your more relaxed alcohol laws, although a number of my classmates at school did. They had something in Ohio, I forget what they called it, that was allowed to be purchased by younger people, so kids from my school made frequent pilgrimages to Toledo,” Mr. Romney recalled. “I had other weaknesses. That wasn’t one of them.”

I’m thinking that Ohio got rid of 3.2 beer by the time I was in high school, but I seem to recall hearing about my older brothers’ friends taking advantage of it. I’d like to research when Ohio repealed the drinking exception, but alas, the office is taking all my time these days so I have to cut blogging short.

Until tomorrow.

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