“Strep Wednesday.” Just a slight case, but I’ve been feeling lousy. Penicillin kicking in shortly, I hope. For today, just this: Gadgets That Will Save You Money. I normally click on these sites and see a bunch of crap nobody wants. These gadgets, though, aren’t too bad. Example:

Concoct your own cola
Spend a fortune on fizzy drinks? You’re not alone. The average family of four consumes 2,400 sodas annually-totaling nearly $1,080. With a home fountain machine, you can save money and have fun making everything from soda water to diet root beer. After purchasing a startup kit, you buy refill canisters of CO2 and syrup. A liter of sparkling water is 21 cents, compared with $1.50 or more for the store-bought variety, and flavored soda costs roughly 25 cents per 12 ounces.

Save about $720 per year for a family of four (you’ll also produce less household waste). SodaStream Fountain Jet starter kit, $100.

My family drinks a fair amount of pop. If a family of four saves $720, I’d think a family of nine could save at least $1,400. Then again, my wife won’t drink anything besides Coke. But maybe we could come up with a concoction she likes. If that happens, we might save $2,000+.

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