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BYCU Man, if I’m ever cool again, I’m going to buy a beverage refrigerator. Two of my neighbors have ’em in their garage, but with seven kids, my garage is devoted to a regular fridge (with top freezer) and an … Continue reading

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Making Land “They ain’t makin’ more of it.” I hear that statement at least twice a year, usually when a client is buying real estate. I normally nod in sage agreement. Which has always been an ingenuous thing to do, … Continue reading

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Catholic Arts and Letters Weekly Gasoline has significantly dropped in price. When priced in silver. Not a bad way to think about prices, according to the Founding Fathers . . . more>> Mainlining? Is that when heroin selling goes mainstream? … Continue reading

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“When the disciples saw the risen Christ, they beheld “him as a reality in the world, though no longer of it, respecting the order of the world, but Lord of its laws. To behold such reality was different and more … Continue reading

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Holy Saturday

Nyssa, Tolkien, and Gibson By killing Jesus, Satan had swallowed God’s bait. He didn’t know he had swallowed the Godhead, thereby inviting Full Being into his fortress of nothingness and bringing about the ontological fall of his nothingness. In the … Continue reading

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Good Friday

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Holy Thursday

“[I]n the agony of Gethsemane the ultimate consequences of our sin had their hour. . . . God permitted his Son to taste the human agony of rejection and plunge towards the abyss. . . Gethsemane was the hour in … Continue reading

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Lethal Occupation and Other The fatal-accident rate for fishermen and related fishing workers is 200 per 100,000 full-time workers . . . compared with a rate of 13.1 for police and 4.4 for firefighters. Farming is also more dangerous: 38.5 … Continue reading

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Notes About the Conspiracy Is the United States a sham? How corrupt is DC? Does the stock market even exist as a free market bastion anymore? Whether I like it or not (I don’t), those are thoughts that wake me … Continue reading

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Something for Palm Sunday

“The hour overflows with supernatural power. In these last days it is as if Jesus were gathering strength on strength preparing for the ultimate.” Romano Guardini, The Lord Bookmark it: | Reddit | Slashdot | Digg |

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BYCU Tax Day. A good reason to drink. And I hear they extended the filing deadline to April 18. Let’s make it a bender. I’m gonna need more drinks because my investment companies keep sending updated 1099s . . . … Continue reading

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This piece had me nearly shaking with rage last night. Why should any of us pay taxes or do the right thing any more? DC is a beast that takes money from some and gives it to others. If you’re … Continue reading

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