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Obama and the Frog Drudge slayed me yesterday with this picture and the caption: “DYNAMIC DUO LEAD CHARGE ON IRAN.” . . . . Remember those health care upbeat stories I linked to last week, including the one about favorable … Continue reading

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Stein to Suffrage “How many Wall Streeters have been indicted? None. Well, you will say, what about the psycho Madoff? True, he’s a criminal. But he had nothing to do with the housing collapse. Compared with Goldman Sachs, he was … Continue reading

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Stream of Consciousness . . . Kinda, Maybe Man, brutal weekend, with a brutal week ahead. Today’s post will be half-SoC and half-normal. If I like it enough, it might become my normal. First, a great passage from this review … Continue reading

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Something for Palm Sunday Morning

“The story of each man is the story of God’s continual watchfulness over him. Each man is the object of the Lord’s special love. Jesus was ready to do everything for Jerusalem, but the city was not willing to open … Continue reading

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Brews You Can Use

No Luck of the Irish Sounds like Ireland needs a bailout worse than Greece: “Against the backdrop of deep recession and unemployment, Ireland’s per capital alcohol consumption fell by 9.6 percent in 2009 and is now 21 percent below an … Continue reading

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No Blogging Thursday

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All Sunny in Media Land “Let’s just get the law passed, then we’ll let the media take over.” I think that was the game plan. From my local newspaper came this story yesterday morning: “Health care gains start soon.” That … Continue reading

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My Son, the Duke My son leaves for Lansing tomorrow. The reason? “Youth in Government.” He’s spending four days at the Michigan capital to learn how government works. I’m pretty excited about it. I told him to take it seriously … Continue reading

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JIMMY FALLON: The Democrats are working overtime to get 216 votes to pass health care on Sunday, which means Rahm Emanuel is prowling the showers like the head of a prison gang. Bookmark it: | Reddit | Slashdot | … Continue reading

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Socialist Monday

Already Tired I have a confession: I write my Monday blog entries on Sunday. Haffta. There’s too much going on Monday mornings to surf and post. But yesterday, I couldn’t find much to blog about. Everything was about health care. … Continue reading

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Something for Sunday Morning

“In dealings with one’s neighbor, self-love makes us hyper-sensitive, inflexible, proud, impatient; it causes us to exaggerate our ego and our rights, to be cold, indifferent, unjust in our judgments and in word. One delights in speaking about one’s actions, … Continue reading

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Brews You Can Use

They Know Pinot! Looking for the heartland of American wine? Thinking Napa Valley? Maybe, but try a little further to the northwest: Sonoma County. That’s where you find the dark Pinot. You can read about it at Forbes (which, incidentally, … Continue reading

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