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Something for Sunday Morning

“The saints are the true interpreters of Holy Scripture.” Benedict XVI Bookmark it: | Reddit | Slashdot | Digg |

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Abbreviated post today because it’s high school musical weekend: Beauty and the Beast. Daughter Abbie has a decent-sized role (“Chip”). I went last night, and my house is full of out-of-town guests. The musical was outstanding. I suspected to see … Continue reading

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Brews You Can Use

Salvador, My Friend! I’ve always found Salvador Dali a little too freaky for my tastes. Oberon, however, is perfect for my tastes (though too many Oberons make me feel a little Dali). In any event, I’m looking forward to seeing … Continue reading

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Noteworthy Freebie Highly recommended: A free online book against abortion: 101 Girls Guide.Com. The author, Serena Gaefke, has gathered together a wide assortment of quotes and passages from pro-choice literature, thereby revealing their insidious agenda and mendacious methods. I’ve read … Continue reading

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Take a Picture: Ink Spots on Ebony A glimpse into the heart of blackness: “A national coalition of women’s groups called on CBS on Monday to scrap its plan to broadcast an ad during the Super Bowl featuring college football … Continue reading

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Twitter Even though Senator Brown seems content with Roe v. Wade, he does have a soft spot for Catholic nuns: Senator Scott Brown, a protestant, raised money for an order of Cistercian Catholic nuns in Wrentham. Brown has a special … Continue reading

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Something for Sunday Morning

“[T]he will of God is now manifesting itself in those circumstances which are the duty of the present moment. . . . It is the fulfilling of this duty, no matter in what guise it presents itself, which does most … Continue reading

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A college TDE reader forwarded this public service post: 57 Hangover Hacks Every College Kid Needs to Know. Easily the best hangover site I’ve ever seen, though they omit the only remedy that has never failed me: the energy drink. … Continue reading

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From the Notebooks

Mises, Hayek, and Rothbard are modern parallels of Plato, Aristotle, and Cicero. I’m not saying that those three economists are philosophers. But those three 20th-century economists worked within a natural law framework to reach their economic conclusions, just as those … Continue reading

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From the Guardian: “Voters, citing reasons for the shift to the Republicans, repeatedly expressed hostility towards the healthcare bill but also a belief that Obama represented too much government interference, was too leftwing and was spending too much.” No wonder … Continue reading

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Inflation 101 Are you murky on the whole reason that inflation is effectively theft or a hidden tax? If so, you may want to check out this reasonably-short piece: Inflation 101. Excerpt: For the sake of simplicity, let us assume … Continue reading

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From the Notebooks

“Today, thanks to the blessings of democracy, citizens of the Land of the Free and other Western democracies pay taxes 5 to 10 times higher than those under the absolute monarchs and submit to rules and regulations that Louis could … Continue reading

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