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NY Eve Eudemon

This year’s Times Square ball: __________ My most-recent at Catholic Exchange: Blessed Are the Flexible. __________ My apologies, but the holidays are keeping me from full-blown blogging. I’m back in town now, but other commitments are keeping me hoppin’. Bookmark … Continue reading

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Something for Sunday Morning

“Never be downcast. For only one thing is fearful, and that is sin.” St. John Chrysostom Bookmark it: | Reddit | Slashdot | Digg |

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Stuff for Saturday Morning

The newest exercise “craze” (that’s a little strong, but so be it): open-water swimming. My wife will vouch for it. When we vacation up north, she loves to swim in Lake Huron (assuming the water is smooth, of course). She … Continue reading

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The Friday Eudemon

Now that researchers have concluded that divorce is bad for the environment, Theodore Dalrymple humorously asks: One of the interesting questions that this little piece of research poses is whether the environmentalist lobby will now throw itself behind the cause … Continue reading

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New Groeschel Book

My son Alex bought me a Benedict Groeschel book for Christmas: Spiritual Passages: The Psychology of Spiritual Development. I’ve only read the first twenty pages, but so far it has all the markings of an Eric Classic, which I define … Continue reading

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Stephen and Christmas

When I was a kid, I was always depressed Christmas night and the day after, with my spirits gradually lightening as the new year approached. I don’t get depressed anymore, not at all. It’s odd, though: I intensely look forward … Continue reading

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Something for Christmas Morning

“He is born poor, and he teaches us that happiness is not to be found in an abundance of earthly goods. He comes into the world without any ostentation, encouraging us to be humble and not to depend on the … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve

When I see stories like this, I think even the New York Times can be redeemed. A wonderful tribute to Benedict Groeschel, a man whose podcasts have become one of the high points of my week. Excerpt: And so, when … Continue reading

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Something for Sunday Morning

“Another manifestation of humility is the avoidance of negative judgments about other people. The knowledge of our own weaknesses will prevent us from entertaining a bad thought about anyone, even if the words or conduct of the person in question … Continue reading

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If anyone tried to email me and didn’t receive a response, please try again. Yahoo Mail put at least one apparently legitimate message in my spam/bulk folder. I had highlighted a batch of messages, hit delete, then saw that there … Continue reading

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Saturday Stuff

Ah, Christmas weekend. A great thing, and the Tuesday Christmas is the best. I’ve informally polled my friends around town, and more than half of them aren’t working Monday or their offices (like mine) are closed. It’s a four-day weekend, … Continue reading

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Huckabee and the Bigot?

I can’t get this story off my mind: Mike Huckabee to speak at strongly anti-Catholic preacher’s church. I’m not fascinated that Huckabee is going there (though it concerns me—bigotry is bigotry, and for reasons explained forth below, Preacher Hagee is … Continue reading

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