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Looking for Blogs

I have an odd request this time: I’m looking for the best Catholic blogs that don’t get updated every day or even regularly. These might be hard to find, since irregular posting usually means low popularity. Still, if you know … Continue reading

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Brews You Can Use

A neat assortment of beer pictures. The blogger says they’re Christmas beer pictures, but the scope doesn’t seem quite that narrow. __________ Conviviality’s last stand. People may be bowling alone, but they’re drinking together: The American Homebrewers Association reports that … Continue reading

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Polish Ad Controversy and Sundry

Ad controversy in Poland: The 30-second animated commercial depicts the Magi visiting the Christ Child, with a 4th wise man bearing Red Bull. The ad doesn’t offend me, but doggone it, why must the corporate advertisers trivialize (and thereby debase) … Continue reading

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Black Wednesday Again?

It’s not black because of drinking. It’s black because Charter Communications has once again gone down. In all fairness to Charter, it’s been months since it has gone down, but (i) if experience is an indicator, this crash portends a … Continue reading

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Tuesday Trifles

The sterile environmentalists. One of the top ten short (under 250 words) blog posts of the year. __________ Op-ed of the day: Families are good for cities and cities better be good to families. Excerpt: Married people with children tend … Continue reading

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Monday Miscellany

Whew, whirlwind weekend. We went [the “w” alliteration ends now] to Detroit Thursday afternoon to see my wife’s family: First a stop in Livonia at her aunt’s, then to her parents’ in Grosse Pointe Woods. Friday morning, Grosse Pointe parade, … Continue reading

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Something for Sunday Morning

“Our actions have a tongue of their own; they have an eloquence of their own, even when the tongue is silent. For deeds prove the lover more than words.” St. Cyril of Jerusalem Bookmark it: | Reddit | Slashdot … Continue reading

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Something for Saturday Morning

Not using Catholic schools? Have you read the Church documents on the issue? I never had, except for a few stray sentences here and there. This article reproduces excerpts from the relevant documents. I found it quite eye-opening. I knew … Continue reading

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Just a Few Things

Hey, it’s the holiday season. Heck, it’s Black Friday. If you’re going to Amazon, please go through the link on this blog. I get a kickback. It really adds up. Last year, I was able to use my credits to … Continue reading

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A Fine Essay

My favorite essayist, Joseph Epstein, a man whose books line my library and whose style I study (painfully realizing that my simple lack of comparable erudition makes me unable to emulate him) has written a good essay about Thanksgiving. It’s … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

What a good year it’s been. Plenty to be thankful for, little to be upset about. Here’s the plate of quotes I like to present every year on this day: “Gratitude is a fruit of great cultivation; you do not … Continue reading

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Brews You Can Use: Special Edition

They’re beginning to call it “Black Wednesday,” the biggest drinking night of the year, Thanksgiving Eve. The kids are home from college, the adults have four days off work. I’ve been celebrating it with my father for at least fifteen … Continue reading

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