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A Jesuit Celebration

Some of you may have guessed that my computer access is limited this week (the different style of posts is your hint), but I wanted to take a moment and pass along this email from a reader: July 31st is … Continue reading

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The Disco Scene?

I couldn’t help it. When I read this passage from The New Book of Lists, I immediately thought of the vertical foreplay in American discos circa 1978: Hippos have their own form of aromatherapy. They attract mates by marking territory, … Continue reading

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Monday Thought

There is an invisible and subtle aspect of existence. It’s the arena where morality is spawned, virtue cultivated, and the essence of things seen. It’s not susceptible to scientific proof, logic, or even common sense. Some might call it “spiritual,” … Continue reading

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Something for Sunday Morning

“God has promised forgiveness to your repentance, but He has not promised tomorrow to your procrastination.” St. Augustine Bookmark it: | Reddit | Slashdot | Digg |

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Military Economics

In 1944, American GI’s complained about the high prices charged by French prostitutes. In an official brochure issued by the U.S. Army, 112 Gripes about the French, the Army responded: “the prices are the result of supply and demand. The … Continue reading

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Not sure I see the big deal: “Oscar the cat seems to have an uncanny knack for predicting when nursing home patients are going to die . . .“. If you put me in a Kennedy mansion, I’d have an … Continue reading

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Light Eudemon

Late meeting last night, no blogging today. I did, however, run across this interesting article about England’s unkind review of its favorite sons, the Beatles, back in 1967. “Have we nothing better to offer? Surely this isn’t the image of … Continue reading

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The Wednesday Eudemon

I know nothing about this, and I’m painfully aware that I might be furthering some sort of hoax, a scam, or (horror of horrors) stupidity, but I feel compelled to at least mention it:”Pro-Life Breakthrough.” I offer the link “as … Continue reading

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Tuesday Miscellany

I got excited, then quickly dejected: Family-friendly sports cars. Finally, a cool-looking vehicle for my seven children and wife. No such luck. They all max out at two children. Obvious case of discrimination, but I’m not sure familysizism is prohibited … Continue reading

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Monday Inanity

The Armaggedon of Inanity is upon us: Rock Paper Scissors has become a competitive sport, likeTexas Hold ‘Em Tournaments, Text-Messaging Championships, and Speed Toilet Wiping (it’s coming, I’m sure). People, like this writer, are taking it seriously. Excerpts: [A]ccording to … Continue reading

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Something for Sunday Morning

“Riches are not forbidden, but the pride of them is.” St. John Chrysostom Bookmark it: | Reddit | Slashdot | Digg |

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The Weekend Eudemon

Baseball last night, baseball today, maybe baseball tomorrow. The good thing is, the games are being held in a heavily-Catholic town just twelve miles down the road that is also holding its annual Polish festival. I’ll probably be able to … Continue reading

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